Success Secrets – How A Poker Tip Can Change Your Life

I received a phone call 9 months past and I ignored it.

Hang on.

Don’t proceed.

9 months ago I Slot Deposit Gopay a call from a fantastic friend of mine I met at college.
He said,”Mike, you have to begin playing poker. It’s just awesome. It’s possible to play with us in Mark’s home or just hop online and join a game. It’s such a rush.”

He was excited, but I had to say”Thanks, but no thanks, I’m not curious.”

About two weeks after I had been channel surfing and I came across a poker tournament on TV.

As a result of my friends’frantic’ EXCITEMENT, I stopped and watched.

I wanted to SEE why he was excited.

It’s flourished.

Like the Beatles year’s ago.

Like’Cabbage Patch Kids’ (remember them?) .

Follow me here because you’re going to discover a victory insight that’ll transform your life and cause you to mon.ey.

Poker has become a billion dollar industry and the modern phenomenon on the planet.

I got home from work yesterday, got my email, also saw the most recent edition of Inc. magazine.

Who was on front cover?

You got the right, the guy who started the Poker craze.

Oh baby, was I really excited, this was going to be a terrific story to read.

And I was right.

Allow me to share with you 3 victory tips which Steve Lipscomb, the founder of the Poker craze, has used to construct a $300 billion dollar business and kick beginning a multi billion dollar market.

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